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Effective Instruction
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Smaht Online Classroom dissolves screen time and helps K-12 students overcome learning loss. We make instruction more effective by supporting best teaching practices (described by D. Lemov and others) in online environment.


Effective Instruction
Removal of distractions, quick assessments and communication tools make instruction 23% more effective.
Reduced Screen Time
Students can write on regular paper and use manipulatives which dissolves screen time and improves student's physical and mental well-being.
Better Social and Emotional Outcomes
Personal attention and recognition makes students feel an active member of the learning group.
Recharged Teachers
Less stress, happier teachers who can focus on pedagogy not technology


Many teaching practices implemented in Smaht Online Classroom have been informed by work of prominent education leaders such as Doug Lemov , Robert Marzano, Barak Rosenshine.


  Streamlined teacher interface

Teacher interface has been optimized for efficient instruction. Typical teaching methods are outlined in a spearpate menu creating a clear framework for class activity.

  Quick assessments and quizzes

Formative assessments can be prepared in advance or created on the fly allowing teacher to quickly gaugue understanding of new material. Results are automatically graded and added to the lesson summary.
- supporting "Check for Understanding" technique outlined by D. Lemov, B. Rosenshine.

  Clear lesson and activity boundaries

Classroom promotes clear definition of lesson activities, removing student confusion and setting them up for a productive learning session.
- supporting "Bright Lines" technique by D. Lemov.

  Easy communication with students

Smaht Online Classroom provides ability to have private conversations with individual students. Chat messages are conveniently organized around student profiles which makes it easy to communicate with entire class of 20 students.
- checking in with every student makes it easy to implement "Circulate" technique described by D. Lemov.

  Share with the class

Teacher can share student's whiteboard, quiz or video of student's notepad with the entire class allowing student to present their ideas and respond to questions.
- D. Lemov's "Show Call" technique can be successfully implemented using this and Activities option of the Smaht classroom.

  Integrated lesson plan editor

Built-in Lesson Planner allows to collect relevant teaching materials (documents, quizzes, videos, …) and easily share during the lesson.
- supporting lesson preparation approaches including "4M's" technique by D. Lemov.

  Activity and attendance tracking

Smaht Online Classroom creates a record of student engagement, instruction time, awards etc. Summary of the lesson will automatically include attendance and provides a unique insight into level of engagement of each individual student.

Students Write on Paper!

  Students write with pen and paper

With support of document camera, teacher can now show their notes or see what students write on paper (or create with their hands). Live video of student's desk will be shown along with the profile of the student.
- perfectly suited to support "Board = Paper" technique developed by D. Lemov.

  Annotate student's work remotely

Teacher can take a picture of students work and easily annotate the image, sending it back to the student to make corrections. Immediate feedback improves efficiency and reduces cognitive load both on teacher and the student.

  Working with manipulatives

Students can use manipulates to develop motor skills or engage in scientific endeavors.


  Distraction-free student environment

A clean environment created for productive learning. We minimized distractions for student and ensured that teacher gets notifications when student switches out to a different application.

  Student's personal whiteboard

Smaht Online Classroom provides personal whiteboard to every student. Teacher can share student's whiteboard with the entire class.
- supporting D. Lemov's "Show Call" technique.

  Rewards are important

Teacher can give student a virtual award to be prominently displayed on the student's screen creating a positive re-enforcement for student's actions.
" I love the platform and hope to be using it with my students for a long, long time. "
Richard G. - Teacher
" I feel like I am a part of this community again. "
Sophia D. - Student

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